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Zandieh Specialized Clinic
Skin, Hair, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Cosmetic Surgery and Dentistry

Zandieh Beauty Clinic with a team consisting of experienced doctors and skilled personnel to provide beauty services, dentistry, hair care, skin care, hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation are ready to serve you dear ones. If you are planning to perform any of the beauty, dentistry, hair care and skin care services, our experienced doctors and specialists will try to meet your needs by presenting new methods in this field. Zandieh Beauty Clinic, located in Shiraz and in the best part of the city, welcomes you dear ones from all over the country.

Our Team


Dr Maryam Salehi Dental


Dr Hamid Reza Hamidi Cosmetics and Beauty


Zahra Nasiri Dental Implants


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Touch the feeling of beauty

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مشاوره پزشکی آنلاین با پزشکان متخصص

تعیین نوبت پزشک متخصص و فوق تخصص ویزیت حضوری و آنلاین

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